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The Florida School Music Association (FSMA) prohibits and has zero tolerance for, sexual abuse misconduct,  harassment, or molestation in the workplace or during any organization-related activity.

Sexual Misconduct, Molestation, Abuse, and Harassment Policy (pdf)

Training Video

Volunteers, adjudicators, or any person who has been hired or who volunteers to work with or around minors or students at an FSMA-sanctioned event must view the training video and fill out and submit this Acknowledgment Form to the FSMA or component officials facilitating the event. Adjudicators must upload a scan or photo of the completed form to their account in MPA Online

Directors' Responsibilities:

  • Ask accompanists to view the training and fill out the acknowledgment form before Solo & Ensemble MPA. 
  • If you have any chaperones that have not gone through your school's training and background check, they must also view the training and fill out an acknowledgment form. 
  • Make sure all of your students are chaperoned or supervised at all times, including during their Solo & Ensemble performances. It is the director's responsibility to make sure an adult is with each student so that an adjudicator is never alone with a student.  

 District Chair Responsibilities:

  • Collect acknowledgment forms from directors for their accompanists and, if applicable, any chaperones that have not been background checked
  • Check MPA Online to make sure all adjudicators have uploaded their completed acknowledgement form
  • It is suggested that you also play the short training video above in the pre-MPA meeting as a refresher for your adjudicators and volunteers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to fill out the Acknowledgment Form?

Volunteers, adjudicators, accompanists, or any person who has been hired or who volunteers to work with or around minors or students at an FSMA sanctioned event. 


Do Teachers/Directors of participating students need to fill out the Acknowledgment Form?

While all teachers are encouraged to read the policy, they have already gone through extensive screening through their school or school district, so completing the form is not necessary for the teachers of participating students. 

Music teachers who also work as an Adjudicator for other FSMA-Sanctioned Music Performance Assessments should complete the form and upload it to their Adjudicator Portal in MPA Online.


Do Accompanists need to fill out the Acknowledgment Form?

Yes. If someone other than the student's teacher is accompanying them at a Solo & Ensemble MPA, that accompanist needs to fill out the acknowledgment form. It is recommended that district chairs require that the directors submit these forms with their entry forms for Solo & Ensemble MPA.  


Where do I submit my completed form?

Adjudicators: login to your MPA Online adjudicator portal and follow the instructions for uploading it there. 

Accompanists: Submit a copy to the music teacher of each student you are accompanying. Music teachers should submit the forms to their district chair along with their entry paperwork. 

Volunteers: Submit it to the district chair or state component officer facilitating the event. 


I already submitted the form when I volunteered or worked at a different district's or different component's event. Do I need to submit another one?

For now, due to a lack of a central database or repository to track this information across different components and districts, we are asking you to please fill out a separate form for each event. The only exception is for Adjudicators, whose form will be automatically accessible to all district chairs upon uploading it to their MPA Online Adjudicator Portal.  


Do Chaperones from the participating schools need to fill out this form?

As long as all chaperones have gone through their school's or school district's screening and approval process for chaperoning a field trip, this FSMA form may not be necessary, however, district chairs and FSMA officials may require it for the events they are facilitating as an added level of protection.