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First Time Schools

New schools who have never been a member of FSMA before should complete the New School Enrollment Form and mail to the FSMA office. If the school is not included in a county-wide group discount payment, a check for the dues amount should be mailed with the form. 

Returning Schools

Existing member schools will receive renewal paperwork in the mail in April. Reminders are also sent out during the summer and again in August. They are addressed to the Principal, Bookkeeper, and Music Department head. If your school district has not enrolled in the group payment plan, you may download your school's invoice from the Membership Status Page

If you are an existing school that has chosen NOT to renew in the past, call or e-mail Val Anderson at to re-activate your FSMA membership and request the renewal paperwork.

Group Payment Discount

School districts may pay to enroll all schools within the school district. Total dues will be the sum of each school’s dues based on enrollment category, minus fifteen percent (15%) of that sum. Non-public schools that have one federation or association or belong to a defined organizational structure (diocese, parish, etc.) may qualify for the same fifteen percent (15%) reduction in total dues provided ALL the schools within the organization enroll. Single schools are not eligible for discounted enrollment dues.

All counties will get a DRAFT invoice in April along with paperwork to indicate whether or not they would like to participate in the group discount program. Contact our office for more information. 

Home Education Cooperatives

Home Education Cooperatives and home-educated students must also complete this additional paperwork in order to participate in interscholastic music activities.


2023-2024 Dues

Enrollment Categories are based on enrollment of the entire school, not just the music department.

School Type Enrollment Dues Early Discount*
Private School
(Solo/Ens. Only)
Less than 200 $288.75 $-72.19
MS/JH all $478.50 $-119.63
MS/JH/SR or K-12 1-1000 $569.25 $-142.31
High Schools 1-1000 $569.25 $-142.31
MS/JH/SR or K-12 1001+ $858.00 $-214.50
High Schools 1001+ $858.00 $-214.50
Home School Co-op 1-1000 $569.25 $-142.31

*Early payment discount will be applied only if payment is received before September 15, 2023. Purchase orders should be sent at least 30 days in advance to ensure on-time payment. 

FSMA now accepts Credit Cards for individual school memberships, but district-wide group memberships must be paid by check.  Instructions for paying by credit card are at the bottom of your school invoice. Download your invoice from our Membership Status Page