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The mission of the Florida School Music Association (FSMA) is to ensure that member schools have safe, consistent, high quality, educationally challenging and fiscally sound music events to expand the musicianship and skills of their students and teachers. 

With regard to financial reporting, the Florida School Music Association (FSMA) has three key metrics: 

  1. to ensure that Music Performance Assessment (MPA) financial matters are managed in  accordance with regulated and acceptable accounting practices; 
  2. to assist components to accomplish their financial reporting requirements; and 
  3. facilitate an annual audit of each component as required by Florida Statute (f.s.) 1006.19. 

Component organization district chairs are responsible for the finances of their district.  If a district's end-of-year financial reports do not balance or other reporting/financial discrepancies are found, FSMA may direct that the district's bank account be closed immediately through the Component Executive Director, and all remaining funds be sent to FSMA. No further financial transactions may take place in that district until a complete reconciliation has been conducted by FSMA, and funds returned to the district.

District Chairperson Financial Guide rev.2020

IRS Form 1099 and Instructions

End-of-Year Financial Reports

Financial Report Cover Sheet

District Annual Financial Report Form

The District Entries list is now generated in the financials section of MPA-Online and should be included with your financial reports.

District Chair Quickbooks Instructional Videos:

Reconciling Your Bank Statement

Set Fiscal Year:  Mac  Windows

General Leger: Mac  Windows

Profit and Loss:  Mac  Windows