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This is the membership status for the schools in {{selectedCounty}} county for the {{schools[0].SchoolYear}} school year. Click a column heading to sort by that column.

School Status
{{school.SchoolName}} {{school.Status}}

Status Codes:

Paid Active Member:
This school's dues for the current year have been received and the school is now eligible to participate in interscholastic music activities such as Music Performance Assessments (MPAs) throughout the school year.

Payment Not Yet Received:
The school is marked as "active" in our database so we have sent the renewal paperwork to both your bookkeeper and music department head, but we have not yet received payment. Renewal paperwork is sent in April, and then reminders are sent in June and August.  If we have received a Purchase Order, an invoice with the PO number has been sent, but your status will not be updated until actual payment is received. Payment is DUE SEPTEMBER 15, so if you need to request a purchase order please do so early enough that the final check for payment will arrive in our office no later than September 15. 

If your school has this status but does not intend to participate in interscholastic music activities this year, please contact our office so we can de-activate your school in our database.

Not Active:
This school does not intend to participate in any interscholastic music events such as Solo & Ensemble or Concert Music Performance Assessments (MPA) and therefore does not intend to join FSMA.  If this is an error and your school would like to join FSMA, please call our office at 1-800-301-3632 or email and ask for your school to be activated and paperwork sent.  

If your school is not listed or if your school is new and has never been a member of FSMA before, please fill out and mail the New School Enrollment Form and mail it along with payment or purchase order. Home education music cooperatives should also see the Home Education Eligibility page for additional paperwork.