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The Florida School Music Association (FSMA) is responsible for the oversight of all interscholastic music events in Florida. FSMA has empowered the following Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) component organizations to facilitate and supervise music performance assessments annually for ensembles and solos/small ensembles: Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA), Florida Orchestra Association (FOA), and Florida Vocal Association (FVA).

Each component curates a required Music List(s) for at least a portion of Music Performance Assessment programing. Inclusion of a specific composition is reviewed by a committee of professional music educators who follow a procedure to evaluate each composition for artistic value and quality and then each music selection is further categorized based on instrumentation/voicing and difficulty. Music literature selected is added to the requisite association’s required Music List. These lists span nearly the entire length of music history through today. Each list is then revised annually with new music selections added as well as extant selections removed from the list. Music selections included on the required Music Lists for each component are not included as a part of, nor to promote any ideology, faith tradition, or social movement either past or present.

Discussions of the demographic background of each and every composer/arranger is encouraged. These discussions can help to inform and possibly inspire students to discover that there are and have been composers with whom they can identify.


Adopted by the FSMA Board of Directors on October 17, 2022.